From the recording THE ACHE OF POSSIBILITY

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6. LOVE IN SHORT SUPPLY - A Statement On Conservation (Music by Louis Rosen, Poetry by Nikki Giovanni)

Scarcity in oil and gas / Can bring about a cold spell / No one cares if you conserve / As long as you can pay well

Cash is not the only tool / To purchase what we need / Dollar bills and jingling change / Are very cheap indeed

Buying power in our world / Speaks to white illusion / Understanding what I need / I've come to this conclusion

Love is in short supply / Like leaves on a winter vine / Whether it's right or whether it's wrong / I'll pay the price for mine

Spring is late and summer soon / Will come in with its heat wave / We will all need energy / Unless we have a cool cave

I don't mind the cold or heat / And I've got a reason / Love when it's spread all around / Can tackle any season

© 2009 by Louis Rosen & Nikki Giovanni, Lullwater Music, ASCAP; Poetry © 1978 by Nikki Giovanni