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Links for Print Profiles, and Radio & TV Appearances






        Reviews for "DUST TO DUST BLUES" 




 ACT ONE: Piano Music from the Theater


(Dual Release, Di-tone Records 2017)




Reviews for "Dream Suite: Songs in Jazz on Blues"

on poems by Langston Hughes

(Di-tone Records 2016)



 Press for "The Ache of Possibility" - Radio, TV, Reviews and Profiles

(Di-tone Records 2009) 




 Press for "One Ounce of Truth: The Nikki Giovanni Songs" - Reviews and Profiles

 (PS Classics Records, 2008)





Press for "South Side Stories" - Reviews and Profiles

 Rosecap / Di-tone Records, 2006



"Twelve Songs on Poems by Maya Angelou"      

Reviews and Profiles





Press for "The South Side" (Book) - Radio, Reviews & Profiles






Press for "Book of the Night" - Radio, Reviews & Profiles






Press for "A Child's Garden" - Reviews & Profiles







Press for Music for Brecht - Profiles & Reviews

 1. "Mother Courage and Her Children"

2. "Galileo"







Reviews for Music for Moliere and Dickens

1. "The Bungler"

 2. "A Christmas Carol"

3. The School for Husbands



 Reviews for Music for Shakespeare and Ibsen

 1. "Titus Andronicus"

2. "The Tempest"

3. "Twelfth Night"

4. Peer Gynt





Reviews for Music for Broadway, Off-Broadway and ...

1. "Picnic" 

2. "Doctor Faustus"

 3. "The Rainmaker"

4. "Orchards"

5. "Thesmophoriasouzae" ("Ladies' Day")