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Welcome to Music Theory 

Texts will need to be purchased for the Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Theory courses. Please click here to go to Louis’ Store, and then scroll down to the bottom of that page to make the purchase. My students at 92Y have the option of having the text delivered electronically via PDF's, or having a bound physical copy delivered directly in the classroom. Non-92Y students can only purchase the PDF version. All texts include homework assignments and corresponding answer sheets.

NOTE: The link for purchasing the PDF version will be sent within 72 hours of purchase.


BEGINNING THEORY TEXT (90 pages) includes:

1. The Keyboard                                                                            

2. Reading Notes 

3. Intervals I: Introduction to the Major/Minor System - 2nds, 3rds, 4ths & 5ths 

4. Intervals II: The Major/Minor System with Sharps and Flats 

5. Intervals III: The Perfect System, Extended Intervals, Double Sharps & Flats 

6. Rules of Stemming                                                                    

7. Triads                                    

7a. Triads in Action: A Brief Introduction                                    

7b. Organizing Your Thinking: Triads

8. Major Scales, Part I            

9. Major Scales in Action: An Introduction

10. Minor Scales, plus the complete Circle of Fifths 

11. Parallel Keys: plus Tonal and Modal Degrees 

12. Consonance and Dissonance                                              

13. Ear Repertory Interval Chart


INTERMEDIATE THEORY TEXT (135 pages) includes:

1. Diatonic Triads in Major Keys 

2. Transposing Melody and Harmony 

3. Diatonic Triads in Minor Keys 

4. Seventh Chords and Sixth Chords 

4a. Organizing Your Thinking II: Seventh Chords

5. Melody, Part I: Tunes and Cadences                                          

6. Song Structures, Parts I & II: Binary & Chorus forms and the 12-Bar Blues

7. Secondary Dominant Triad             

8. Secondary Leading Tone Triad      

9. The Church Modes - Modal Scales 

10. Major & Minor Pentatonic Scales

11. Blues, Whole-Tone and Other Selected Scales                                             


 ADVANCED THEORY, PART I TEXT (98 pages) includes:

1. Intro. to Four-Part Voicing - Closed and Open Positions                                                    

2. Chord Progressions in Four Voices, Part I - Rules of Thumb/Types of Motion                  

3. Chord Progressions in Four Voices, Part II - Revoicing a Chord         

4. Chord Progressions in Four Voices, Part III - Beyond Rules of Thumb                              

5. Introduction to Inversions - Focus on 1st Inversion and Figured Bass    

5a. Four Opportunities for Analysis and Answer Sheets                                 

6. Organizing Your Thinking III: Tonal Functions of Triads

7. Resolving the Dominant Seventh Chord                                                                            

8. Non-Chord Tones, Parts I & II                                                    

9. The Six-Four Chord (2nd Inversion)                                                                                    

Six Summation Analysis Opportunities and Answer Sheets                                                                              


ADVANCED THEORY, PART II TEXT (96 pages) includes:

10. Melody, Part Two - Themes and…

10a. Six Melodic Analysis Opportunities with Answer Sheets

11. Techniques of Melodic Development

11a. Analysis Opportunity: Invention No. 1 by J. S. Bach

12. Modulation

12a. Three Analysis Opportunities with Answer Sheets

13. Harmonic Rhythm

14. Extended Chords - Ninths, Elevenths, Thirteenths

15. Tritone (flat 5) Substitutions

16. The Neapolitan Sixth Chord

17. Augmented Sixth Chords


Again, you can click here to go to Louis’ Store, and then scroll down to the bottom of that page to make the purchase.   

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All Theory Texts, including Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Parts I & II © 2014 by Louis Rosen. All Rights Reserved, including the right to reproduce or distribute this book or portions thereof in any form. For further information contact Louis Rosen via the contact page on this website.