From the recording THE ACHE OF POSSIBILITY

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11. A LOVER'S MELODY (Music & Lyric by Louis Rosen)

There's no peace in the valley when the storm blows strong / There's no pill makes a sightless man see / I'm your angel of mercy, and I bring this song / A tender lover's melody

You can't breathe when the earth cuts loose beneath your shoes / You can't think when your soul feels at sea / I'm your guardian angel through these hard-time blues / And here's my lover's melody

A song to sing to see you through some cold and sleepless night / A simple song to bless the morning light

I know sometimes we sugar-coat how scared we feel / Nothing works and we're tempted to flee / But you and me, we can put our shoulders to this wheel / And spin this lover's melody

A song to sing to light the road some long and anxious day / A simple song to soothe and send you on your way

There's no reason to grieve about what might have been / We have vision to see what might be / And have no fear, 'cause I got your back through thick and thin / I promise you will heal with me / And sing this lover's melody / Sing this lover's melody

Stretch your wings and shed your skin / Hear my voice above the din / Song may be the remedy / For love is such a mystery / And you are all the world to me / That's my song / That's my lover's melody

© 2008 by Louis Rosen, Lullwater Music, ASCAP