From the recording THE ACHE OF POSSIBILITY

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1. HOW YOU GONNA SAVE 'EM? (Music by Louis Rosen, Poetry by Nikki Giovanni)

It's hard to save 'em / If they won't learn how to pray / Give 'em the blues / And make 'em weep all day.

How you gonna save 'em / If they can't learn how to pray / Give 'em a song I guess / To chase those blues / Away

How you gonna save 'em / if they refuse to pray / Let 'em snap their fingers / Let 'em tap their toes / Let 'em wear a bright red wig / With shimmies on their clothes / Diamonds in their teeth / Flowers in their hair / Love enough to make 'em happy / Troubles they can bear / Melodies and belly laughs / Something they can share

© 2009 by Louis Rosen & Nikki Giovanni, Lullwater Music, ASCAP; Poetry © 2007 by Nikki Giovanni