From the recording SOUTH SIDE STORIES

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WHEN THEY DANCE (Music & Lyric by Louis Rosen)

They smoke cigarettes
I mean they really smoke
Light a new one from the last one
But for those dressed-up nights
When they dance

They talk none too well
Some nights no talk at all
Disagreements by the dozen
Walk away
Feel the chill
But for those tender nights
When they dance

She loves the gentle way he holds her
Holds her tight, but never holds her down
He loves the way she feels the music
Loves the way she loves to paint the town

One boy grown and gone
The house quiet at last
Too much time to think and question
All at once tired and old
But for those reckless nights
When they dance

She wonders did she ever love him?
Then they whirl and she remembers when
He wonders, Could he ever leave?
Then twirls her out and spins her back again
And again
Once again...

They smoke cigarettes
I mean they really smoke…

© 2006 by Louis Rosen/Lullwater Music, ASCAP. All Rights Reserved.