From the recording SOUTH SIDE STORIES

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MAE’S CHEVROLET (Music & Lyric by Louis Rosen)

It was the Old Black Funk
A ‘60 Impala
Rescued from a junkyard grave
Man, what a mixed-up ride
Blew heat in the summer
Air in the winter
Nothin’ made that car behave
We’d wheel down the road with our
Windows down,
The radio wailin’ away
In Mae’s Chevrolet

Now Mae was cool
Kind of slick
But funny
Lookin’ for her lover boy
Saturday night we’d cruise
Adventure our mission
Boys were our passion
Music our main-line joy
Marvin was singin’,
“What’s Goin’ On”
Blue Monday seemed miles away
In Mae’s Chevrolet

Chicago streets, kind of
Wild and rough,
Made suburban kids turn pale.
Chicago cops played it
Mean and tough.
If you’re fro was too long or you
Looked at them wrong
They’d haul your ass into jail

Then there was Backseat Joy
Her fingers in motion
Air guitar day and night
Smokin’ her homemade smoke
We’d sing ourselves dizzy
Lost in the music
Howling out with all our might
We’d float down the skyway like
Fish downstream
Reality hours away
In Mae’s Chevrolet

Chicago’s race thing was
Wound so tight
Made us feel the South Side Blues
Suburban life seemed so
Rich and white
The black white and brown of the
South Side of town was the
Only side we could choose.

It was the Old Black Funk
A ‘60 Impala
Clearly more dead than alive
These were the days we’d ride with
Time on our hands
Mae at the wheel
Me riding shotgun
Nothin’ else to do but drive
We’d roll down the road singing
“Let It Be”
The future seemed lives away
In Mae’s Chevrolet
Mae’s Chevrolet

© 2006 by Louis Rosen/Lullwater Music, ASCAP. All Rights Reserved.