From the recording SOUTH SIDE STORIES

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TROUBLED CHILDREN (Music & Lyric by Louis Rosen)

Ronnie and me in the back of the bus
There on the edge of first love
Watching our friends
Watching the kisses
Hoping for a sign from above
“Will he kiss me?”
“Is he really in love?”

Two popular kids
The perfect couple
An adolescent dream come true
Ronnie and me
Magnet and iron
Attracted by the secrets we knew
The unspoken secrets we knew

We were troubled children
Joined by the feelings we shared
Troubled children
Daring and eager, but scared
We both disguised it
Hoped that no one could see
Not even Ronnie and me

Then came high school days
We seemed to drift apart
There were older boys who promised
Right from the start
To steal her heart

Waitressing nights in some Chicago dive
She brightened when she caught my eye
She said,
“Six long years since we
Watched those kisses
Why’d you let that moment go by?”
I said, “I panicked
I just let it go by.”

She insisted, so we drove to where she lived
Met her lover
Had a drink or two
Ronnie tried hard to make her
World seem happy
But sadness seemed to seep right through
She didn’t know it
It just seeped right through

We made a plan to meet
Decided where and when
But then something changed
A message was left, and then
We drifted again

Fifteen years pass and the telephone rings
A reunion of the old South Side
“Will Ronnie be there?”
The question’s met with silence
Then I hear this voice say she died
That one night she O.D.’d and she died.

Memories flooded in and out of view
Time just seemed to disappear
Ronnie and me
Forever searching
Now it finally seemed so clear
What we were together seemed so clear.

We were troubled children
Joined by the feelings we shared
Troubled children
Chasing our dreams unprepared
We tried to hide it
Hoped that no one could see
The story of Ronnie
The story of Ronnie and me
The story of Ronnie and me

© 2006 by Louis Rosen/Lullwater Music, ASCAP. All Rights Reserved.