From the recording DUST TO DUST BLUES

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(Music and Lyric by Louis Rosen)

I have less hair than I used to have
But now I’m much more vain And I’m less wild than I used to be But life seems more insane As to future plans, I have
Less and less, it’s true But I have
More love for you Oh, I show less temper than I used to show But I still howl with rage And I’m less fearless than I used to be I guess that comes with age In the search for truth
I have less and less a clue But I have
More love for you I see wise compassion
In your eyes I see goodness on your face So we’ll mend what’s broken
We’ll improvise And renew with hope
The vows that grace us We have less time than we used to have And many miles to go We have lost friends that we used to have And we both miss them so
And from time to time
We will have to struggle through But we’ll keep some dream in view Oh, I know
Nothing less than a
Happy ending is due
And I have more love for you

© 2017 by Louis Rosen/Lullwater Music, ASCAP. All rights reserved.