From the recording DUST TO DUST BLUES

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(Music and Lyric by Louis Rosen)

Whatta you know –
Everything’s for sale
Whatta you need?
Everything’s for sale
You can pay to board early on an
You can pay to drive alone in a
Car-pool lane
For a hundred a day
You can upgrade your cell in jail
No doubt about it
Everything’s for sale

Whatta you got?
Everything’s for sale
Like it or not
Everything’s for sale
Now we privatize schools –
Think we’re doin’ good
We privatize police in the
Soon we’ll privatize space
Privatize the U.S. Mail
Roll over Ben Franklin
Everything’s for sale

We hire mercenary armies to help us
Fight our war
At least they know exactly what they’re
Fighting for
Election laws are set up like ca-
Sino games
All high-rollers welcome
No one’s naming names

Oh, I almost forgot –
This song’s for sale
You had to see that comin’ –
This song’s for sale
You can buy it on itunes
For a buck a pop
Stop by my website
If you like to shop
Send my video viral
That’s the virtual Holy Grail
Google knows best
And the markets never fail
Follow the money
Everything’s for sale
Hide the children
Everything’s for sale

Yes, hide your children
Hide your spouse
Disney better plan on hiding Mickey Mouse
Them that’s got shall get
Them that’s not shall work for scale
Gibraltar may crumble
But PayPal will prevail
Hard sell or soft sell
Everything’s for sale
Ready or not
Everything’s for sale

© 2017 by Louis Rosen/Lullwater Music, ASCAP. All rights reserved.