THE HISTORY OF FRIENDSHIP (Music and Lyric by Louis Rosen)

The history of friendship — always a transaction. Sometimes you give, sometimes you take — some take a little more. The mystery of friendship — repulsion and attraction. What you feel or what you fake can open any door — in the history of friendship.

Stephen you rely on, constant as the seasons; there for celebrations, there when life has come undone. David, he’s a phantom; and though he has his reasons, the smallest complications, you just know he’ll cut and run — in the history of friendship.

Mary, she’s a huntress —success is long behind her. No happily ever after here — she feeds on younger prey. Bernie stays in motion — a consummate reminder that a life well-lived will face its fears, and then embrace the day — in the history of friendship.

Prices paid and lessons learned — the only way we grow. Allies made and bridges burned — we harvest all we sow.

Bobbi keeps her distance — has only work to ground her; feels a longing to connect, but stumbles as she tries. Jenny’s door is open — she welcomes friends around her; plays the host to great effect, affection in her eyes — in the history of friendship.

Once my father told me, “A true friend is a wonder. Don’t ask much, but when you bleed he’s there to see you through. But friends will disappoint you. They’ll cast your trust asunder. And have no doubt, it’s guaranteed, you’ll disappoint them, too” — in the history of friendship.

Friendships come and friendships fade — we simply carry on. Life’s the sum of choices made — we’re here and Boom -- we’re gone.

Lonnie’s faith in people, some might find surprising; but acts of kindness, acts of grace amaze him every day. Through years and years of questions, he’s finally realizing, an act of love will leave a trace that time won’t waste away — it’s the mystery of friendship. An act of love will leave a trace that time won’t waste away —it’s the mystery of friendship; the mythology of friendship; the ecology of friendship. It’s the history of friendship.

© 2020 by Louis Rosen/Lullwater Music, ASCAP. All rights reserved.