Act Two: My Third Act

MY THIRD ACT (Music and Lyric by Louis Rosen)

There are no second acts in American lives. (Spoken: F. Scott Fitzgerald told me that.)Well, tell that to second husbands and second wives. My first wife she was crazy, kind of paranoid and such. My second wife – that’s hazy – heaven knows we drank too much. We laughed and loved and fought ‘till we were done. So, whaddya know, my third act has begun.

My joints are creaky, my back won’t haul the hay. There’s no one playin’ down where I used to play. Met a young waitress at a diner, and it seemed to be like fate; felt this mutual attraction – finally asked her on a date. She said, “You remind me of my Dad – this might be fun.” I said, “Call me Pops,” my third act has begun.

Sometimes grief and failure can fill your cup. I was down so long that it felt like up. But I’ll be happy-and-go-lucky for a while in my irrepressibly middle-class Bohemian style.

I’m waitin’ for my pension to begin. I’ll jump for joy when Medicare kicks in. With the dough I save on health care, I will be a wealthy man. I’ll be workin’ on my memoir while I’m workin’ on my tan on a beach beneath the hot Miami sun. Gonna pack my pills, my back brace and my gun. Gonna shed responsibility, ‘cause that stuff weighs a ton. My gift for being lazy’s next to none. Gonna live life as a writer on the run. Oh, it’s a fact, my third act has begun.

© 2020 by Louis Rosen/Lullwater Music, ASCAP. All rights reserved.