BEFORE THE WINDOW CLOSES (Music and Lyric by Louis Rosen)
When the window is open, you won’t understand. Suddenly skies look like oceans, weeds smell like roses. Anything can happen and nothing is planned. Better grab your paintbrush — Before the window closes.

There won’t be a guidebook, you won’t see a sign. Put aside all expectations, pretense and poses. When the window is open, the planets align. Point your telescope skyward — Before the window closes.

You may not know what you’re looking for. You leave the everyday behind. Lost in the moment, time is redefined. Then out of the blue, you’ve made something new.

When the window is open, the bandwidth is wide. You tune in that wave-length, hear all it proposes. When the window is open, you’re one with the tide. Gotta let the fresh air in — Before the window closes.

Sometimes you won’t be sure what road to take — then you know it when it comes. You feel the rhythm when the engine hums. You leap and you grow. You hate to let go — Don’t let go.

When the window is open, the temperature’s high. You ride in that heat wave, feel all it exposes. When the window is open, you never ask why. You just feel the wind blow — Before the window closes. Before the window closes.

© 2020 by Louis Rosen/Lullwater Music, ASCAP. All rights reserved.